Cady Smart Cane Handle

Hane R., Mitsue G. M., Togo K., Yash B.

Differently Abled and Seniors' Assistance Design Cady Smart Cane Handle by Hane R., Mitsue G. M., Togo K., Yash B. Cady, a smart walking aid handle, helps people who have developed a fear of walking rebuild confidence in themselves and their walking aid. Using calm technology principles, Cady passes rhythmic vibrations through its body at a pace set by the user and their physical therapist. The device helps a user subconsciously maintain a consistent stride while they walk, minimizing the tendency to overthink steps, a primary reason for people with this fear to fall. Its innovative design maximizes functionality and ergonomics as a cane and destigmatizes the symbol of aging through a new chic aesthetic.


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